Who We Are?

Top Stones Group is a Natural Stone Producer and Supplier of (blockslab and tiles). Managers and Shareholders of Top Stones Group have been in Natural Stone industry more than 30 years old. Some of them chose this path for they were traditionally working in the field as their fathers did and the others begun working in the field as strategic managers to perform their up-to-date Systematic designs in Natural Stone organizations. Iran’s Resources and large Quarry Back-ups of wide varieties of Natural Stones including numerous marbles, travertine and onyx is a paramount reason that makes the Heart of this industry continue to beat and Keeps cooperation like Top Stones Group available to work in the field of Natural Stone Production and Distribution.

T.S.G has the support of 4 tile factories (20.000 M2 per month production), 3 slab factories (15.000 M2 per month production). In Block section, Top Stone has signed cooperation agreement with Quarries like Pietra Grey, Karako Brown and is Closely Connected with Silver Sky, Grey Galaxy and Paradise Marble Quarries Due to its shareholders and Managers Association with these Quarries. The latest Quarry Top Stones Group is working on is Majestic Rose Marble which was Monopolized on 3rd September, 2020 And Soon the Slab and Tiles Production were Begun in Advanced Factories of Faraz and Bahar in Shams Abad and Kashan in Cooperation with Marandi Stone Group.

Top Stones has exported tiles, slabs and blocks of marble, travertine, granite, crystals and limestone to various countries including UAE, Omen, India, Qatar, Iraq, Italy, Russia, Romania, Cyprus, Bahrain, Kuwait and Australia.

Top Stones Group Customers

Top Stones Group Customers


30x60 and 60x60 Pietra Gray Marble
60x60 Marshall Marble


Pietra Gray Tile
Pietra Gray Slab
Marshall Tile
Marshall Slab


Pietra Gray Marble Tile
Cimstones Tile
Mix Marble Chip
Red Marble Chip
White Marble Chip
Black Marble Chip
Mix Marble Chip
Travertine Tile
Shahyadi Tile
Ice Flower Tile


30x60x1 cm Pietra Gray Marble
61x61x2 cm Pietra Gray Marble


Pietra Gray Marble Slab and Tile
Marshall Marble Slab
Limestone Slab
Brown Amani Block


60x60 Pietra Gray Marble
60x120 Pietra Gray Marble


Marshall Marble Tile
Shayadi Marble Tile
Limestone Tile
Pietra Gray Marble Hand Bush Hammer
Ice Flower Crystal


Pietra Gray Marble Block
Marshall Marble Block
Travertine Block
Ice Flower Crystal Block


Marshall Marble Tile
Pietra Gray Marble Tile
Ice Flower Crystal Tile


Limestone Slab
Pietra Gray Marble Slab
Ice Flower Crystal Block


Limestone Tile
Pietra Gray Marble Tile (Free Length)
Travertine Tile


Pietra Gray Marble Tile (Free Length)
Pietra Gray Marble Slab
Pietra Gray Marble Tile (Hand Bush Hammer)
Limestone Block
Pietra Gray Marble Block


Pietra Gray Marble Tile
Travertine Marble Chips
Crystal Marble Chips
Grannite Tile


Marshall Marble Tile
Pietra Gray Marble Tile
Shahyadi Marble Tile


60x60 Marshall Marble
30x30 Pietra Gray Marble
60x60 Limestone
30x60 Travertine


Mix Marble Chips
Pietra Gray Marble Tile


Pietra Gray Marble Block
Mrashall Marble Block
Limestone Block
Travertine Block

Top Stones Group Products

Top Stones Group Resources

Slab and Tile Production of Stones including Pietra Grey, Majestic Rose marble, Paradise Marble, Grey Galaxy and Silver Sky in Factories with Advanced Productions lines such as Simic and Gaspari Menotti.

Two Block yards and Showrooms in Isfahan, Mahmoud Abad.

Sarzamin-e-Sang showroom, 10th St., Mahmoud Abad, Isfahan and Sarzamin-e-Sang II Stockyard, which is dedicated to stock of Haji Abad Travertine; 24th St., Mahmoud Abad.

Cooperation with Iranian brands including Shayan Marble (Raad Stone Factory), Sayman Crystal (Sakhara Ajianeh Group), Marjan Stone (M.G.T), Akam Factory and Marandi Stone.

Constant collaboration with Arad Stones as a sister brand in United Arab Emirates on Pietra Grey Slabs and Tiles, Grey Galaxy, Majestic Rose and Beige Dehbid Slabs.

Joint Ventures in Countries including India and China.

Production Ability of 100,000 tons Marble Chips per month and Export of Marble chips in more than 20 sizes (3 mm to 400 mm) and in 8 – 10 colors in Jumbo bags and bulk cargo.

Technical team for monitoring Production and packing Processes of Slabs, Tiles and Steps in addition to Quality checking of the Blocks in quarries.

Logistics Team working with shipment companies bringing lower prices and Higher Quality, in Cooperation with a custom broker team to fasten the Shipment process and Container pickups and loadings.

A team of Abrasive Manufacturer that Produce and Distribute Abrasives for stone manufacturers.

Split Face Production ability of 10,000 SQm per month in 14 colors.

Awaiting your visit in Iran,

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April 5, 2021
سنگ مجستیک رز

سنگ مجستیک رز

April 3, 2021
Majestic Rose Marble / Persian Red Marble

Why to Buy Majestic Rose ( Persian Red) Marble?

March 7, 2021
Red Marble

Persian Red Marble

November 18, 2020
It is a Pietra Grey Book-match. the symmetry is great for Design.


October 21, 2020
Majestic Rose Marble

Majestic Rose