It is a Pietra Grey Book-match. the symmetry is great for Design.
November 18, 2020
Majestic Rose Marble

Majestic Rose Marble

Majestic Rose Marble

''From the Boiling Heart of the Mountains, in the Warmest Lands''

I was in charge of a Packing Project for Qatar when it did happen. So many calls and messages Appeared on my phone and About 30 pictures of an Unknown Stone Block were sent to me. The Block had Special Design and Patterns, not Familiar to my Eyes. My Colleagues were taking Selfies with it in the Stockyard and the Excitement was obvious in their Faces.
7 Days after the first Block of Majestic Rose Came to the Stockyard; Top Stones Group had Monopolized the Quarry in Cooperation with her Sister Brand Best Stone Block. Majestic Rose Had a Spellbinding Effect on us. '' Every Block of it has its Own Unique Beauty, its Idiosyncrasy. My eyes wouldn't get tired of looking at them.'' Said Sasan Hajari, Technical Expert of Top Stones Group.
Many People Displayed a Positive Attitude and their Reaction at the first Sight of Majestic Rose was enlarged eyes and a sense of wonder. Majestic Rose Texture is a metamorphosed Combination of iron oxide, Silica and calcite. Soon Top Stones' Team Started the Production's Process and Created its Special Set of Abrasive for this Special Marble.
The Discussion on Majestic Rose Marble Would Be Continued in next Sessions of ''Natural Stone Journey with Top Stones Group''. Thanks For sharing us Your Time, Every Order that You have, Consider us Your Representative and Consultant in Iran. For Putting an Order on Majestic Rose Marble Slabs, Tiles and Blocks Contact info@TopStonesGroup Note: Any Block Request is Supplied By Our Sister Brand ''Best Stone Block'', For More info on Various Natural Stone Blocks please Visit the website: BestStoneBlock

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