Majestic Rose Marble
Majestic Rose
October 21, 2020
Majestic Rose Slab
Majestic Rose Marble
December 30, 2020
It is a Pietra Grey Book-match. the symmetry is great for Design.

Pietra Grey Book-match



According to Mrs. Leila Khorsand who's in charge of Top Stones Group's Design Team, Pietra Grey is a Brand itself. She continues '' Pietra Grey is well-known and Popular, Two things that Hardly happen at the same time. '' In this Episode of ''Natural Stone Journey with Top Stones Group'' we discuss the factors which have caused Pietra Grey's Popularity and Fame with Mrs.Khorsand.


'' Thanks for inviting me Dear Milad. Let's consider Pietra Grey Marble the Celebrity of Natural Stone World. As a designer, the first thing I like to talk about is the Appearance of this Celebrity. Obviously, the first thing I notice in Pietra Grey is a juxtaposition of grey background and White Veins. I believe these two colors act as kind of Foil for each other, therefore; they can create a Contrast Effect. This Contrast Effect Prevents the Design from becoming monotonous by the time. Then we have the Grey Background. Grey is considered a neutral Color that can go with a wide range of other colors. The Grey color in Pietra Grey runs from light Grey to Dark Grey. In my opinion, These two features of Pietra Grey's Design are important because they bring Pietra Grey an endurable Charm and the Flexibility of being adjacent to a wide range of other material.

Widespread Distribution

'' Yes! Widespread Distribution is what has made Pietra Grey a Ubiquitous Product. China plays a very important Role in distributing Pietra Grey to many Points of The World. Annually, a Huge Tonnage of Pietra Grey Blocks are Exported to China from Iran.''

Use in Many Projects

'' Well, Pietra Grey is used in many Projects. It is a Brand. You can see Pietra Grey in Many Hotels, Conference Halls, Terminal Buildings, and Conventional Centers. I remember when I was Younger and a newcomer in the field of Natural Stones, I could see Pietra Grey in many places I went and I was like '' Oh look at this! I know This Stone, It is Pietra Grey'', that was sort of funny! Mostly Pietra Grey is used in combination with other Natural Stones but there are cases in which Designers would like to use Pietra Grey all over the interior in order to bring a Special Effect. It depends on what kind of Building You want to use it for. I would Recommend Using Pietra Grey with lighter Material to create more contrast but maybe in a commercial Building, it can be used all over the interior to make a Memorable Effect on People who would go there. It seems Hard to wipe out an image of a Building Totally Designed with Pietra Grey from Your Mind.''

Popularity among Craftsmen

'' Yes, Pietra Grey is Really Popular among Craftsmen. It is because of Pietra Grey's Wonderful Flexibility in Taking Various Finishes. You want it chiseled? Oh! Have You changed your mind? Bush Hammered? How about leathered? Honed or Flamed? Maybe Sandblast See! Bunch of Options You Got There. Therefore, Pietra Grey is a Great Platform for Craftsmen to Show their Artisanal Skills.''
The Discussion on Pietra Grey would be continued in the Next Episodes of ''Natural Stone Journey with Top Stones Group' Thank You for Sharing us Your Time and Thanks to Mrs. Khorsand for her Contribution. Every Order You Have, Consider us Your Representative and Consultant in Iran. For Putting an Order on Pietra Grey Tiles, Slabs and Blocks; Contact or Send us The Request on Contact Page.
Note: If You're in UAE and Know Pietra Grey as Armani Grey, You can Directly Buy from Arad Stones' Stockyard, our Sister Brand. For more information, Please Visit the Website:

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