Red Marble
Persian Red Marble
March 7, 2021
سنگ مجستیک رز
سنگ مجستیک رز
April 5, 2021
Majestic Rose Marble / Persian Red Marble

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Why to Buy Majestic Rose ( Persian Red) Marble?

Why to Buy Majestic Rose Marble?

1) Majestic Rose is the only Natural Stone with such Pattern and Design. It is a Product that You Won't See in many Places. There is Only One Quarry in Iran that has Such a Stone with Such Patterns and Designs. The Closest identical stones are not close enough and Majestic Rose Stands as a Natural Stone Having its own inherent features even in contrast with other quasi-identical pairs.

2) You Have Your Personal Design: one of the features of Majestic Rose Marble is that every Block of it has its idiosyncratic Design. Some Have more veins some less, Some Have more Dark Green textures some have less and some have Wavy Pattern. Each Block Has its Own Design and this is what Brings You Your Specific Personal Design.

3) Durability of Your Design: Firm and Healthy Texture of Majestic Rose makes Your Design more Durable through out the time.

4) Memorable Design: Majestic Rose Patterns and Designs aren’t a cliché which can be overlooked by other people. It’s Not something seen every day in every place. It’s bold, It’s Outstanding, It’s Prominent; the three elements which makes it Memorable.

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