Ice Flower Crystal is a Persian marble. The color of Ice Flower Crystal is quiet white, given too much meaning, with light grey clouds over pure white, and can be described as “modern fashion”, high lighting a masterly style of design, elegance, and top product characteristics. Incisively, it is deeply loved by many designers. It can highlight the decorative style of culture and history. Because it is origin from the Great Persia.

Current Market Situation

Ice Flower Marble Slab

Starting from 2017, the price of white materials in the stone market has soared crazily. The price of individual materials has doubled. This has been the reason for this situation. First, the price increase of high-end white materials in the market has led to the increase in prices of its alternatives, jezz volakas White, and domestic gradually change the design concept, gray and white applications gradually increased.

Different slabs of stone have very different prices.

Ice Flower Crystal Physical Parameters

Bulk Unit Weight


Water Absorption


Porosity of Stone


Compressive Strength


Ice Flower Crystal Patterns

Ice Flower Marble - Pattern 1
Ice Flower Crystal Pattern 4
Ice Flower Tile Marble - Pattern 2
Ice Flower Marble - Pattern 3