Shahyadi Marble is a bright marble with special features. This marble is more commonly used in interior and, due to the very high reserves of the quarry, makes Shahyadi Marble a great support for any large projects. The white and milky colors of this stone, along with unique striped or grained veining, distinguish it as a very special and adored marble..

Shahyadi Marble Tile

Definition of Marble

Shahyadi Marble Slab

The geological definition of marble is calcareous stone (limestone) that has been transformed over Millions of years by heat and pressure, known as metamorphosis, to produce a stone with a crystalline structure. The classic is Carrara marble which is crystalline, dense, uniform and capable both of taking a high polish and being carved in great detail. However, within the dimension stone industry, the definition of marble has traditionally been much wider and may be applied to any stone capable of taking a polish. Many such stones are actually high quality limestones, especially dolomitic limestones, but the use of the term also sometimes embraces silicates such as onyxes and quartzites.

Shahyadi Marble Physical Parameters

Bulk Unit Weight


Water Absorption


Porosity of Stone


Compressive Strength


Shahyadi Marble Patterns

Shahyadi Marble Pattern 1
Shahyadi Marble Pattern 2
Shahyadi Marble Pattern 3